Two distant cultures come together and cooperate for mutual success

A few years ago, Zecchetti started to collaborate with a number of Chinese glassworks, providing them with high-tech Italian equipment to increase their quality standards and production quantities. In this article, the company gives us an idea of who it has collaborated with and how this collaboration has supported the investments of Chinese companies.

In recent years, Zecchetti has been working closely with many Chinese leaders in Glass Container production, including Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd, Yantai Changyu Glass Co., Ltd. among others, to support continuous investments in their cold end lines.

Yantai Changyu Glass
The cooperation with Yantai Changyu Glass Co., Ltd. (Changyu Glass) began in 2012 when the company trusted in Italian Style Equipment by installing three Conveying Lines and three Palletizers manufactured by Zecchetti. Changyu Glass is a professional manufacturer and exporter of high-quality glass containers with a history of more than 16 years. With 500,000 tons production capacity, Changyu Glass owns the largest wine bottle capacity in China and ranks among the top four in China’s glass containers glass machinery plants & accessories 2/2016 3 industry. The company is the executive director of China Daily Glass Association and the Yantai Branch of China’s Chamber of International Commerce.
Shandong Huapeng
Glass The same happened, one year later, when Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd., another leading enterprise in the Chinese packaging industry, decided to complete their Cold End area with conveying and palletizing systems supplied by Zecchetti. Shandong Huapeng Glass is the leading enterprise in China’s packaging industry, China’s largest machine-made glass goblet manufacturer, and one of the biggest manufacturers in the daily- use glass production industry in China. The company is made up of Huapeng Glass (Heze) Co., Ltd., Liaoning Huapeng Guangyuan Glass Co., Ltd., Anqing Huapeng Changjiang Glass Co., Ltd., and Shanxi Huapeng Shuita Glass Co., Ltd., specialized in the R&D, production and sales of all kinds of medium and top grade glassware and glass bottles. Shandong Huapeng Glass has been awarded “Top Ten Enterprises in Daily-use Glass Industry of China’s Light Industry”, “China’s Flagship Enterprise of Glass Goblet Production”, “Meritorious Enterprise in National Dailyuse Glass Industry”, “Advanced Packaging Enterprises Top 200”, “Provincial Advanced Enterprises”, and many other honorary titles. The company is one of the domestic companies reaching the highest equipment and production technology levels.

The project
The project includes four cold-end line conveying systems, automatic palletizing equipment, shuttle car, tray former, endof- line equipment. Each of the cold-end lines includes chain conveyors, vibrating plates, accumulation tables, aligners, cullet conveyors and so on. Cold-end processing capacity will be further improved after the project is finished. These glass specialists are historically committed to quality, and their strong export oriented business model has brought them to a continuous technological and organizational improvement. Zecchetti, a worldwide leader in turnkey cold-end solutions, represents the perfect partner to face the challenges typical of the international markets approach. Strong leadership Experience and state-of-theart technology are the key-points that have enabled to Zecchetti to achieve this strong leadership in glass containers manufacturer business. Zecchetti is proud to have contributed to the production of high quality glass articles by sharing with Yantai Changyu and Shandong Huapeng their 50 years of experience and knowhow and by supplying 100% Made in Italy equipment. Today, several Zecchetti installations are operating at Shandong-Huapeng plant as well as both Yantai Changyu Glass and Qixia Chang Yu Glass plants. On the other hand, the specific needs of these very big and important companies have stimulated Zecchetti to further improve and customize its own solutions. The strong technological know-how, combined with presence in more than 50 countries around the world, makes Zecchetti a handling technology leader.

Not only Conveying/ Palletizing Systems
In addition to Conveying/ Palletizing Systems, the Logistics Solutions represent a growing market; both in emerging and mature markets. Traslo is the Stacker Crane proposed by Zecchetti. State-ofthe- art and reliable technology, 100% designed and made in Italy, 4 glass machinery plants & accessories 2/2016 Collaboration permits to maximize and optimize the stocking surfaces, increasing safety and goods tracking. Independently of the logistics philosophy used in the warehouse (F.I.F.O, L.I.F.O…) Traslo by Zecchetti responds to all the Customer’s needs and can be retrofitted and adapted even in existing facilities. The software, intuitive and user-friendly, allows a real-time monitoring of the warehouse, knocking down the waste of time typical of the manual goods handling. Thanks to advanced AS/RS picking technologies, Traslo fits each and every SKU: pallet, bin, boxes… and is tailor-made. In this specific case (Chinese glassworks), the AS/RS has been developed on 50 x 170 metre area, handling pallets of up to 1,000 kilos of weight. The good success of the cooperation between Chinese glassworks and Zecchetti has been made possible by the important collaboration of Mr. James Yu and partners (Ninesun Consulting Co., Ltd.) who deserve our thanks.