Integrating Production, Retrieval And Storage

With more than 50 years of experience in the packaging sector, this year Zecchetti provides glassworks with perfectly integrated solutions for the cold end, starting with bottle palettization and pallet shrink-wrapping. This year, the company is also supplying and controlling fi nished product warehousing.

Zecchetti srl is a privately owned corporation (LLC), founded in 1960. The fi rm currently has 110 employees organized in the activities of sales, product design, machine assembly, testing, installation, and postsales service for all the company’s product lines. Leader in the packaging sector for the production of palletizers, depalletizers and conveying systems, Zecchetti is now present in the warehouse logistic sector as well. Zecchetti, based in Montecchio Emilia (RE), a town located in the North of Italy, has a Headquarter Facility (11,000 sq.m. approximately) plus a second operative facility (8,000 sq.m. approximately). The USA Subsidiary (open in 2000) includes a commercial staff and a huge group of Mechanical and Electronic Engineers supporting Zecchetti Italy’s Export activity. Zecchetti USA, located in Florida, is a vital help from the assistance point of view and is fully independent as far as spare parts supply is concerned.

Relying on three decades of operations in the packaging, in the early 1990s, Zecchetti developed the fi rst machine for the hollow glass industry, with a major contribution to the effi – ciency obtained by introducing the innovation of the column palletizer replacing pantograph or portal machines. The experience acquired from the installation of hundreds of lines and the collaboration with leading multinational glassworks have enabled Zecchetti to develop machines and accessories for both transport and palletizing operations. An operational capability that allows customers to have a single supplier for the construction of the entire production line. In 1960, starting with only fi ve employees, Zecchetti began a long history of innovation and growth. During the 1960’s and 70’s as its product range expanded the company grew to 20 employees. In its development, Zecchetti supplied a variety of packaging systems to the packaging industry in general, with no particular area of focus. In the early 1990’s, thanks to Zecchetti’s skill and experience in empty container and glass bottle handling, Zecchetti entered the glass bottle manufacturing industry. This new direction has been another successful undertaking and Zecchetti has become one of the top players in the glass bottle arena, currently supplying cold end bottle handling equipment, (from lehr discharge to full pallet storage) to all the major glass factories worldwide.

Logistic Division of Zecchetti enables to provide glassworks, comprehensive and perfectly integrated solutions for the cold end, not stopping with the bottle palettization and pallet shrink-wrapping but also supplying and controlling the fi nished product warehousing. The main goal is to give the possibility of storing the whole production, for a given period, before delivering any fi nished pallet to the fi nal customer, in an automatic mode. This kind of warehouse automation also enables to carry out the following operations: • eliminate defective production; • deliver ‘sample’ pallets or pallets of possible ‘non conform bottles’ to dedicated inspection stations; • keep full traceability of production; • guarantee the correct counting of delivered fi nished pallets to any fi nal customer; • direct interface with cold end lines and company ERP System (SAP). Shuttle car/s and conveyor systems allow the fully automatic motion of dunnage and full pallet fl ows to/from the warehouse. STACKER CRANES TRASLO is the Stacker Crane proposed by Zecchetti. State-ofthe- art and reliable technology, 100 per cent designed and made in Italy, it enables to maximize and optimize stocking surfaces, increasing safety and goods tracking. Independently of the logistics philosophy used in the warehouse (F.I.F.O, L.I.F.O…) TRASLO by Zecchetti responds to all customers’ needs and can be retrofi tted and adapted even in existing facilities. The software, intuitive and user-friendly, allows a realtime monitoring of the warehouse, knocking down the waste of time typical of the manual goods handling. Thanks to advanced AS/RS picking technologies, TRASLO fi ts every SKU: pallet, bin, boxes… and is tailor-made.