Zecchetti srl is a privately owned corporation (LLC), founded in 1960. The firm currently has 110 employees organized in the activities of sales, product design, machine assembly, testing, installation, and post-sales service for all the company’s product lines.

Zecchetti proposes turn-key Automation Systems for EMPTY bottle Conveying/Palletizing , to both Glassworks and Plastic Bottle Producers as well as Warehousing installations.
The Company proposes itself as comprehensive supplier for the product packaging/storage and customer-oriented consultant for the achievement of tailor-made solutions, 100% made in Italy.
The USA and MEXICO Subsidiaries together with geographical partners in China, Asia-Pacific Zone & Chile support Zecchetti export activity and guarantee a Global Assistance.

11.000 + 8.000 Sq.Mt.

Covered Area

89 Countries


110 Employees

working for you


foundation year


1960 Zecchetti family started building equipment for can manufacturing (5 empoyees)

60-70s’ Growth of the company to 20 employees and expansion of the production range with a variety of packing systems.

80s’ In parallel with the appearance on the market of the PET bottles, Zecchetti started manufacturing empty PET bottle conveying/palletizing systems becoming, 10 years later, the 1st manufacturer/supplier of such systems.

90s’ The previous experience allowed Zecchetti to also approach the Glass bottle handling, and after less than 10 years, became one of the top players in Empty Glass Bottle Handling, by supplying Turn-Key Conveying/Palletizing Lines (from Lehr discharge to full pallet storage).

2006 To complete its supply range, Zecchetti included in its production Automated Warehousing Solutions for small articles, bins & full pallets.